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Behind the Lense

Photographs contain memories that can be cherished forever. A special moment, a special person or a special time in your life, can be captured and revisited through the power of a photograph.
After taking a course in photography at the Nelson Mandela University, and some encouragement from the people I shared my photos with, I decided to offer my services to a wider audience, hence the development of this website.
I specifically enjoy doing portrait & boudoir photography, and love collaborating with the model / subject to create images together. In my experience, the photos always come out better when the subject feels comfortable with the photographer, and within the environment in which the photos are being taken. This is the reason I offer to shoot in the comfort of your own home, or other location you may choose.
I can also do more formal photos in a studio type environment at your home, if you so desire.
I do not limit myself to the number of photos taken during a session, and all print quality photos will be supplied to you electonically.
If a particular photo stands out to me, I will also do a simple art manipulation (sepia, black & white, selective colour etc.) and supply you with both the original and edited version of the photo.
I aim to offer an uncomplicated and convenient service to you, with photo’s that you can be proud of for years to come.


Port Elizabeth,Eastern Cape, South Africa
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