/i'm perfect 

The "I'm Perfect" project was born from the responses I get from people whom I approach to model for me. I see beauty in these people, & I want to capture it, but they do not see this beauty for themselves. To them, beauty is something that you see in the pages of a fashion magazine, & they feel that they do not match up to this.


Inspired by a growing movement of people & artists, pushing back against this artificial & unrealistic depiction of what beauty should look like, I have embarked on this project, which allows models of all shapes, sizes, sex & age, to strip away the layers they use to hide from the world, & reveal themselves as they are. 


Instead of feeling imperfect, they are empowered to stand up and say: "This is me, & I'm perfect."

We all have our insecurities
Lazy Sunday afternoon
Simple shadows
Implied Nude
Vintage Corset